In-person speaking engagements are for school faculty and staff in a Professional Development or In-Service setting and/or college-level teacher-education students regarding the growing epidemic of unlawful teacher-student relationships — an issue which has been plaguing schools and school districts for decades. Speaking engagements may also be done for teacher-education students at the undergraduate, graduate, and/or post-graduate levels. This is entirely free of charge and is designed for sessions and/or speeches to small groups, large groups, full faculties, or in whatever forum would best fit any individual setting.

I provide a unique and unheard context regarding this issue, and one of my prime objectives is to give back to the educational community, doing my part to remedy the problem to which I tragically contributed.

Information provided includes an insider’s view of how this issue morphs into reality, the warning signs exhibited by teachers who are crossing the lines of propriety, how to spot these warning signs in the behaviors of peers, the genuine root causes of these behaviors, and how to redefine the issue in a manner which will provide genuine and realistic solutions to a problem which remains in shadows and behind closed doors.

Speaking engagements can be catered to address any specific issue (or issues) requested regarding this topic and can be applicable in multiple settings, both academic and/or professional. The format can be presented as a speech, discussion, panel, question/answer, or a hybrid of several formats.

Potential Talking Points:

  • Causes / Risk Factors
  • Warning Signs
  • “Cognitive Distortions”
  • Social Media Impact
  • Roles / Responsibilities
  • School Culture
  • Preventative Measures

These sessions are free of charge — payment for any speaking engagement will not be accepted, and while assistance with travel expenses is appreciated, it is not required. This is not a profit-seeking endeavor.

For questions or more information regarding a potential speaking engagement,
please email inquiries@kurtbrundage.com


Friday, October 20, 2017

Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Second Annual Local Author Day

Wichita Public Library — Central Branch

1:00PM — 3:00PM

Wichita, Kansas

For more information regarding Public Speaking opportunities,
please email Publicist at inquiries@kurtbrundage.com
*PLEASE NOTE: Speaking engagements are not generally open to the public. Please contact the venue for details regarding attendance and/or accessibility.