Political Science 101


(Fiction, 2019)



Political Science 101 is a 115,000(+) word novel about two best friends embarking on two different (yet identical) personal and professional journeys.

Two close friends, Mitch and Ray, best friends since childhood, embark together (but somewhat secretly) into the world of politics. Mitch, a popular (but troubled) Political Science professor and Ray, an ambitious (but naive) civil rights attorney, decide to team-up and make Ray the ideal politician. But along the way, they find out the hard way what Mitch has known for years and what Ray refuses to believe: The way politics actually works.

This novel explores the deep hidden underbelly of the political process, the shattering of ideals, personal sacrifice, personal delusion, and the battle within all people of deciding between what is necessary and what is right…

…and what is neither, and what is both.

As both men struggle to maintain their morals, their principles, and their friendship, they are challenged by conflicts new and old, small and large, personal and public.

As the novel progresses, the deep underbelly of the American political process continues to show its dark side as each man now faces the deepest demons of their lives — the demons of Ray’s professional life and the demons of Mitch’s personal life.

Everything begins to fall apart when all the secrets, the lies, the deceptions, and misconceptions become intertwined in a cacophony of half-truths, alternative facts, and preferred perceptions.

Sometimes in life, truth and reality are negotiable.”