Civil War

“People should not be afraid of their government.
Governments should be afraid of their people.”
V for Vendetta 

It blows my mind how people are failing to understand what is truly happening in Minnesota right now in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. Media pundits and network news talking heads are calling it “rioting” or “protesting” or any number of benign terms that fail to illustrate the truth of the situation.

This is not “rioting.” This is not “protesting.” This is a microcosmic civil war.

The racism of police brutality has been masked for decades. Time and time again, black suspects are treated exponentially worse than white suspects.

Dylann Roof, a white man, killed 9 people in a church. He was caught, did not resist, and was arrested peacefully (and was even given a bulletproof vest for his own protection).

George Floyd, a black man, attempted to use a counterfeit $20 (which he may not have even known was fake). He was arrested, did not resist, and was murdered by suffocation.

Hmm. Dylan Roof: Multiple-Murder; George Floyd: Forgery.

Who in this equation deserved the death penalty?

Stop calling the violence and destruction Minnesota “rioting” or “looting.” It is a genuine civil war between the black community and the white-minded establishment.

By every logical definition, it is a civil war, and the black community is fighting for nothing less than their own freedom. Everyone knows what’s been happening for decades; perhaps now the time ignorance has passed.

The people destroying buildings in Minnesota aren’t “burning down their own neighborhoods,” as Fox News would have you believe. They are attacking the establishment; they are attacking the symbols of political and financial power which have been pressing a figurative knee to the neck of the community for decades. Furthermore, it isn’t helping the situation when Trump tweets, “…when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” The only purpose this language serves is to drive a bigger wedge between the government and the people, further proving the peoples’ point in the first place.

Interesting how it seemed historically acceptable for American Civil War troops from the Union North to loot the mansions of Confederate southern plantation owners.

History is written by the winners.

Essentially, the destruction in Minnesota is no different than the United States military bombing financial institutions and “high-value targets” in Iraq or Iran or anywhere else. But the black citizens of Minnesota can’t use “smart bombs” or drones attacks.

The black community had declared war on the white-minded establishment, and they are not without cause.

Unfortunately, the next phase of this microcosmic civil war could be the mass exchange of gunfire. And thanks to the NRA, there’s plenty of guns out there to make this a viable escalation.

People just don’t get it. Peaceful protests are ignored. Colin Kaepernick was mocked when he used his knee to protest police brutality. So now, the black community is showing the country what happens when a racist cop uses his knee to kill an unarmed black man.

Early this morning (around 5AM CST), a reporter and his camera crew from CNN were arrested by the Minnesota State Police while they were covering the events in Minnesota. They broke no law, they followed all directions, but they were arrested live on the air as America watched. And it wasn’t merely a case of mistaken identity; the Governor of Minnesota had to order their release after footage of the arrest went viral.

For the record: The reporter’s name was Omar Jimenez — the reporter was not white. In the footage, his dark Hispanic skin appeared darker in the early twilight hours of the morning; much of his face was covered by a common face mask.

I wonder — would a white reporter with a name like “Paul Jacobs” or something have been arrested?

Every city in America should consider themselves on notice. Every police department in America should consider themselves warned.

This civil war will continue to spread until the status quo is changed or until America reaches its breaking point.

This isn’t “rioting.” This is war, and there’s nothing civil about war. I am not trying to say that what is happening in Minnesota is “okay” or “permissible,” because it’s not. I believe there is always an alternative to violence. But it should at least be called what it is: War.

War is war. Period. And you’re either on one side or the other.

Pick one.

“What’s so civil about war anyway?”
-Axl Rose


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