You: 2.0

You will always be you. I will always be me. And there is nothing either of us can do about that. We’re stuck. You are you and I am me. And for some people, that’s perfectly fine. But for some of us with a regretful past of poor choices and unfortunate experiences, it almost seems like a dream to be someone else, if only for a short while.

But let’s be honest, that won’t happen. You will always be you and I will always be me. Yep, we’re stuck.

But there is still hope, there is still an option: Upgrades.

Yesterday, my iPhone updated to iOS 11.4, which looks no different than 11.3 or 11.2 or whatever. However, I’m sure there are aspects of my phone which have improved, although it literally looks the same. My phone is a little faster, apps don’t crash — it just runs a little smoother even though it’s appearance remains static.

This is what I’ve done with my life. Right now, I am living Life 2.0 — the best possible version of Me. Granted, the current updated version of Me still has a more-than-a-few glitches, but the beauty is this: Upgrades are stepping stones, not set in stone. So just like my phone’s iOS operating system, there is always one more upgrade — one more improvement — I can make to the current Me. The key to this is to never be content with a particular version of You.

If I find a fault or struggle I can fix, I fix it. And that adds another upgrade. Each major upgrade a person makes is a new number. A major upgrade is a life-changing, life-altering, no-turning-back change.

Life 2.0 began for me the day I left prison.

The significant upgrades (though not life altering, add a decimal (i.e.: Me 2.1). And then, the small upgrades (which still matter, but aren’t quite as significant) add yet another decimal to the upgrade.

Thus, if I had to guess, based on all levels of changes I’ve made in my life, I am on “Me 2.3.7” with more upcoming upgrades in the future.

Before prison, I was mindlessly operating on version “Me 1.0” and upgrades didn’t really matter to me. Today, I live in a perpetual cycle of improvements and upgrades, just like my iPhone.

This is an option for everyone. No one is “stuck” being the person they are. There are so many different levels of improvement a person can make; the possibilities are endless!

Do you need a first decimal change? Is it something major which would change your entire life (such as leaving an abusive relationship, changing careers, or devoting to your faith)?

Do you need a second decimal change? Is it something significant which would have a noticeable impact on your life (such as quitting smoking, quitting the drinking/drugs, or giving up pornography)?

Do you need a third decimal change? Is it something notable, but not necessarily obvious to everyone (like improving your diet, giving up profanity, or choosing to be more accepting of others)?

Whatever level of upgrade you make, it should be a continual goal of all people to keep improving our life’s software. Everyone has room for upgrades. And the thing about upgrades is, sometimes they can cascade upward! Sometimes a slight third decimal tweak can lead to a momentous first decimal change! You just never know.

You never know until you try. You never know until you improve. You never know until you change.

None of our lives’ software will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we stop making it better.

Life can always get better. But you must first choose to upgrade.

Choose to be a better person. And once you make that choice, the upgrades will take care of themselves.

But like Neo said in The Matrix: Reloaded, “Choice. The problem is choice.”

So ask yourself: Is it time for an upgrade?


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