Time To Move On

Last night’s act or terror in Las Vegas is dominating the news today — and, I suppose, rightfully so. However, something else tragic has happened, and it may fall through the cracks.

Legendary rocker Tom Petty has died.

I’ve written many times in the past that music has always been a source of comfort and expression for me, and the music of Tom Petty is no different. When I was a kid, I taught myself how to play the guitar. And as I learned, I taught myself about half-a-dozen songs; two of those songs were “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and “Free Fallin’.” Tom Petty’s album, Wildflowers, is one of my favorite albums from the 90s. And I love his music from his time as a solo artist, his time with The Heartbreakers, and (most of all) his time with the Traveling Wilburys (the greatest supergroup in music history — made up of, among others, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan and George Harrison).

So today and in the next few days, as the information about the Las Vegas terror attack continues to unfold on the news, I will be keeping Tom Petty in my mind. Because the passing of a legend should be recognized and remembered as well. It’s not more important, but it should still be mentioned.

The music world has lost one of its most iconic members. But for Tom Petty, it’s Time to Move On Into the Great Wide Open.

He’s reached the End of the Line, and now gets to live among the Wildflowers.