Chase Your Dreams

It is finished.

There is somewhat of a surreal feeling that comes with knowing you’ve accomplished one of your life’s dreams. And on Saturday, I felt it.

There is somewhat of an empowering feeling that comes with knowing you’ve accomplished a life goal. And on Saturday, I felt it.

There was a time when I honestly thought I would never accomplish anything of substance, ever again. The depths of hopelessness were only equaled by the weight of failure when there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. And yet, my inner sanctum is now ringing in silent celebration, knowing I’ve accomplished one of my paramount life goals.

I have written a book.

Regardless of whether or not anyone ever reads it; regardless of whether or not it is ever published; regardless of whether or not it goes anywhere — I have written a book. Of course, the next step is to pursue my publication options and opportunities, but at this moment — right here, right now — no one can take away the fact that I have written a 57,000+ word book. It is finished. It’s a book, and I wrote it.

This is proof that dreams can be accomplished. Perhaps this is merely a stair-step in the grand scheme of the future; perhaps this is the peak. Either way, I have learned one important lesson from finishing this book:

Accomplishing a life-long dream is an intrinsic accomplishment, not extrinsic.

I do not need people to read my book in order for my dream to be accomplished; I have written it, and that’s the part that matters. Of course, I would love it if someone found interest enough in my writing to want to read it, but for as long as I’ve been a writer, my life-long goal has been to write a book. And now, it is written; it is finished. My #1 Bucket List item now has a checkmark next to it. Anything beyond this (i.e. publishing and/or marketing) is simply a bonus, but those things are extrinsic.

For the rest of my life, I will know that I have written a book. And while I will fervently pursue the next steps in the publication process, my core goal has been met. And that is the other thing I’ve learned:

Accomplishing a lifelong dream is not an ending; it is a beginning.

Chase your dream, and catch it. And then, once you do, build on it. Life is a continually fluid process, not a checklist. Life is a stairway, not an escalator.

Life is a book.
Keep writing…