Marry | F*ck | Kill

A scandalous video of teachers has surfaced in Bangor, Michigan, speaking socially about their students at a bar, playing a game apparently entitled “Marry, Fuck, Kill” (or something like that) where each of them can be clearly heard saying which students with whom they, among other things, would have sex.

The six-minute video is appalling. These are adult teachers talking about having hypothetical sex with high school students. “Oh, I would fuck [student’s name]!” is something heard numerous times.

Honestly, when I first saw this, I was angered, but I wasn’t shocked. The truth is, I was privy to numerous conversations nearly identical to this at a bar called The Anchor on Friday afternoons where teachers from my school would assemble for end-of-the-week drinks and all-too-often, these conversations would ensue; and, God forgive me, I did it just-the-same.

So in this video from Bangor, one male teacher can be heard saying he preferred a particular female student because “she’s cool, and she never brought up that I was wasted on the bus trip; she can keep secrets.” This sort of off-the-cuff insight comes only from someone who has previously contemplated the possibility of an inappropriate relationship with a student. Even if no inappropriate action was taken, this one statement indicates significant forethought on the part of that male teacher, who has obviously sexually objectified this female student and contemplated a sexual relationship with her because “she can keep secrets.” This man has already engaged in previous inappropriate behavior (talking about being “wasted” on a bus trip) and more-or-less got away with it, leading to his further pushing of limits.

At the Bangor school board meeting following the release of this video, parents packed the meeting, hoping to voice their concerns about the troubling behavior seen on this video, and asking why more action was not taken. And after given a brief opportunity to speak, the school board did nothing — absolutely nothing.

Watch local news coverage of the meeting…

They told the parents and citizens in the meeting that all appropriate steps had been taken and no further disciplinary actions were necessary. And once the comments were ended, the board moved to a closed-door session and refused to talk to anyone else. However, after parents refused to leave, the school board eventually returned to the public meeting room, accompanied by an attorney retained by the school district. The attorney (doing his best Kelly Ann Conway / Sean Spicer impression) then fed the crowd a complete falsehood, saying, “You can’t point to anywhere on that video where the teachers were talking about students.” This was clearly an outright lie since the teachers in the video were specifically using students’ names. “It is false,” the lawyer continued, “that any teachers here suggested any sexual activity with any students.” Of course, anyone who viewed the unedited and uncensored video knew this statement to be completely untrue as well. Two women in the video are heard saying, “Oh, I would fuck [student’s name]!” regarding two separate students. A male teacher can be heard saying, “I guess I’d bone [student’s name]” as well. However, the school board’s attorney was vehemently-insistent that no teacher suggested anything sexual about any student.

Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, this was simply another example of school districts using whatever flimsy argument possible in order to minimize the issue of inappropriate teacher behavior. Many teachers feel that their behavior is protected by unions who shield their behavior and school boards who rationalize their misconduct, so as long as they lurk in the “gray areas,” they have nothing to worry about.

Once this video was made public, no one in the video was terminated. Three people resigned by choice and the rest remained employed with the school district, receiving only “verbal reprimands.” And this punishment (or non-punishment) is nothing less than the school district subtly condoning this behavior. If there were ever “warning signs” of future inappropriate behavior, this sort of thing would be Exhibit A.

So I suppose the most disturbing thing about the news reports about this was something the school officials told the media, saying, “There is no concern that the teachers will actually carry-out what was said.” No concern.

And it is that mentality which perpetuates this epidemic.

Personally, if that was the mentality of the school board of my child’s school, she would immediately be transferred. Because if this is the behavior being justified by the Bangor, Michigan school board, I can only begin to speculate (from experience) what kind of behavior is being quietly covered-up.

I’ve written about this issue before!

Think I’m wrong? Think I’m crazy? Think I’m a conspiracy nut?
Are you willing to bet your child’s innocence on that?