Inspire Someone Today

Inspire someone today.

inspiresomeonetodayThe most important thing in your day today just might be the most importing thing in someone else’s life. People walk through their lives thinking their own existence is difficult enough – and perhaps it is – but what if we carried the perspective of knowing our existence could be the game-changer of someone else’s life?

Sure, people want to love and be loved, people want to be cared-for; people want to laugh until they cry and smile until their cheeks are tired. But deep-down, people want – people need – to be inspired.

The fact is, everyone is capable of doing something great – the reality is, very few will. And the difference-maker isn’t that people don’t want to do something great or don’t have time or don’t have the ability; people simply lack the springboard of being genuinely inspired. So it is imperative upon all of us – as people – to inspire one another.

Be a positive force in someone’s life. Do something unexpectedly kind. Pay an undeserved compliment. Be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a hand to hold. Because you’ll probably never know how your one simple gesture of kindness can lead to the inspiration of something great. Who’s to say that one simple act of kindness or support can’t prompt a snowball of inspiration that leads to the greatest achievement in another person’s life?

Sure, most of us got up today, showered, dressed, went to work; did the grind of life like we do every other day, just waiting for the end of the work day, then the end of the evening, then bed time; just so that we can get up the next day and do it all again, and again, and again. But in that seemingly-endless daily routine of mundane banalities, how many opportunities do we pass-up or miss when we could have been the difference in someone’s entire life?

We’re human. We know when other humans are struggling. We can tell when someone is clearly swimming against the current of life. And yet, we tend to keep our heads down, not wanting to interfere, not wanting to get involved; sometimes a struggling person’s silence is the biggest cry for help – and sometimes help can be in the simple form of walking up to someone, putting a caring hand on a trembling shoulder and saying, “You’ll be okay.”

Care for someone today.
Love someone today.
Encourage someone today.

Inspire someone.