The Pro-Life Clusterf**k

Operation Rescue” is a terrorist organization. I’m Pro-Life. But holy shit, I absolutely despise and loathe these Pro-Lifers. Seriously, Pro-Lifers make me wish I was Pro-Choice. Literally, part of me would rather support abortion just to spite these abhorrent hate-mongers. These people are so unhinged, so unstable, so uncaring that they terrorize their way into recognition. Shit, I fucking hate these people.

Granted, I’ve known some Pro-Lifers who weren’t psycho, but they are few-and-far-between. It’s perfectly fine to be passionate about an issue. I’m completely fine with that. For example, the pastor who married my wife and me, he’s very Pro-Life. But he’s not psychotic. When he talks about abortion, he’s passionate, but he’s also logical and respectful. So he is not the kind of person I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people who set-up daily outside of the South Wind Women’s Center in Wichita, the office formerly occupied by Dr. George Tiller (who was murdered, in his church, but the ultimate Pro-Life psycho). These people walk around with a giant sign featuring a full-color picture of a dismembered baby. I mean, what kind of shit is that? Are they trying to traumatize young children driving by in their parents’ car? These children aren’t going to understand what an abortion is, and won’t comprehend the magnitude; the only thing they will see is blood and death and trauma. And the Christians think this is what Jesus would do.

I’m completely Pro-Life. I really am. I may be a Liberal, but I’m Pro-Life. But here’s the thing: I don’t believe that life begins at conception; I don’t believe life doesn’t begin at conception. I just really don’t give a shit. If my wife got pregnant again, we would have the baby, without question. But that’s just because I believe that pregnancy is a blessing. I choose life. But that’s my choice – our choice – and that’s where my opinion splits from that of the generic Pro-lifer. My choice to be against abortion is no more valid than a Pro-Choice person’s decision to have an abortion.

So maybe I’m sort of Pro-Choice(ish), I guess. Because, while I don’t believe abortion is right, I also don’t believe in forcing my beliefs onto others who do not share my perspectives. And I certainly don’t believe in forcing my beliefs into legislative action – thus, if abortion is legal, fine; if abortion is illegal, fine; I really don’t give a shit. I just choose life, and anyone else can choose whatever the hell they want.

Pro-Lifers – the crazy ones – obsess over the minutiae of the pregnancy process while completely ignoring the science of it. I’m Pro-Life, and even I think their justification for why a fetus is a “baby” is complete bullshit. A fertilized human egg that leads to impregnation is not a baby. It’s just not. Seriously. If I take a seed and plant it in the ground and water it, it’s not a flower. It’s a seed in the ground. An egg in a chicken coop is not a baby chick; it’s just a fucking egg; it could just as easily be an omelet.

Babies cry; babies breathe – babies have birthdays. Using Pro-Life logic, my “birthday” should be my date of conception, not my date of delivery. Then again, “Pro-Life logic” is a bit of a contradiction in terms. By Pro-Life logic, an abortion is a pregnancy that is terminated by a doctor, prior to birth. So does that mean a miscarriage is an abortion caused by God? And wouldn’t that make God the most prolific abortionist in history? Obviously, I don’t believe that, but it’s just another example of the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the “Pro-Life logic.”

But here’s the biggest thing about Pro-Life logic that gets me: They want to stop abortion while simultaneously serving as the most powerful advertising tool of the reproductive health industry. These people stand in front of clinics with giant signs saying “Stop Abortion,” which is the dead giveaway that the office in which they are protesting does in fact provide abortions. So if someone perhaps wasn’t considering abortion, then saw protesters outside an abortion clinic, suddenly that has become an option; they’ve taken out-of-sight, out-of-mind and completely reversed it.

Personally, I wouldn’t even have known there was a clinic in Wichita that provided abortions if it wasn’t for the protesters. I drive by the South Wind clinic every day on my way to work, and every day, these people are outside the clinic, harassing people as they enter. I mean, seriously, as people drive into the parking lot, they block the drive and delay their entry, when they finally get through, someone stands with a pad of paper and writes down the license plate number of the car entering the lot. Seriously, what kind of shit is that? And these are Christians? No. These are extremists. These are bullies. And some of them are terrorists (well, we don’t call them terrorists because they’re white and they act on Jesus’ behalf, rather than being brown and acting on Allah’s behalf).

Next week, there will be a week-long protest in front of the South Wind clinic to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the “Summer of Mercy,” which was a long drawn-out series of protests here in Wichita that featured the most extreme Pro-Life nut-balls doing shit like screaming at patients, blocking access to the clinic, and laying down in front of cars. And what difference did they make in the grand scheme? None. Zero. Absolutely nil. After all that, abortion is still legal and they only made themselves appear more and more unhinged and less and less credible. The movement itself has become out-of-touch and extremist and terroristic. So now they’re having the “Summer of Justice,” which is even more pointless than the “Summer of Mercy,” because it seems completely logical for them to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their previous huge failure.

Pro-Lifers make me wish I was Pro-Choice.

“Operation Rescue” is a terrorist organization. They have inspired and encouraged violence for decades, regardless of their public denunciations and plausible deniability. A Pro-Lifer murdered Dr. George Tiller, in a Wichita church (2009). A Pro-Lifer walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic with a semi-automatic rifle and opened fire, murdering two civilians and a police officer (2015). An off-duty police officer, working as a security guard, was killed when an abortion clinic was bombed (1998). And there’s more, and more, and more.

But here’s what angers me the most: They do this in the name of Jesus Christ. And that is the most sickening part of all. That’s the only part that really offends me.

I consider “Operation Rescue” and these Pro-Life extremists to be on the same level of Christianity as Westboro Baptist Church. Seriously. And while they seem to work tirelessly to end abortions, they only perpetuate them by driving the wedge of irrationality deeper and deeper, making people more likely to be Pro-Choice because their words and deeds are so pathetically hypocritical that they push people toward the Pro-Choice ideology.

Brennan Manning wrote, “The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable.” This is exactly what “Operation Rescue” and the Pro-Life extremists are doing to their cause and their faith. Not only are they driving people toward the Pro-Choice ideology, but they are also driving people away from Christianity and the Love of Christ.

Pro-Lifers make me wish I was Pro-Choice.

But hey, what do I know; I’m just a criminal.
Or, at least, that’s how the “Christians” see me.